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Friday, 23 March 2012

WiP - Mawloc conversion

So with the new Tyranid releases I've got back to our Tyranid swarm and been doing a bit of "updating". This has included painting up a Venomthrope and Pyrovore, and today has been updating a Mawloc conversion we first put together over a year ago. This was put together from some of the Mawloc parts left over from Oscar's Trygon kit, but I was never happy with its old-style scything talon legs. With the spare fleshborer hive legs from the Tyrannofex, however (which look quite spade-like), I thought it would look better. New chest and carapace pieces from GS also make it fit the theme of the current tyranids better, and I sculpted the interiro of the awesome maw with GS to blend the elements in and put the tongue (a classic style Hive Tyrant tail) in. Stuck in a home-made crater and with its base-coats on, you can judge for youselves...

Obviously we need to finish painting, and the crater needs rubble adding to complete the look of the Mawloc bursting from underground, but overall we're pretty happy with the effect - the massive fleshborer hive arms look substantial enough to propel it through the earth and haul it out when it bursts from underneath ready to devour all ahead of it.

The Venomthrope is a slight departure from our normal Tyranid scheme, basically just a green-washed and white-dry brushed version to give a paler, more sickly and toxic-looking creature. again, fairly happy with progress so far (though I wish I'd filled the joins in the rear before painting!).

The Pyrovore, on the other hand, is fairly standard. Tubes were washed in yellow and sacs, mouth, edges of tubes etc in red to create a look of acidic and noxious fluids irritating even the resistant tissues of the host tyranid organism. Tubes and mouth areas are also glazed to give a slick appearance, though this doesn't come out that well on the pics.

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