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Monday, 12 March 2012

WiP - District 9 Themed Dindrenzi

So thought I should post some work in progress shots of my District 9 themed Dindrenzi fleet. I love the film, the colours and imagery of the alien hardware is very striking, and the blocky, angular look of the Dindrenzi fleet ships seems to lend itself to it nicely. Of course, this could be just me, but thought I'd share some of where it's up to. Of course, I have limited time (don't we all), plus a million other things to spend it on, and hence progress is slow. I'm terrible for starting things, getting enthused by something new, then quickly being distracted by something else. Hopefully my FSA fleets are small enough that they can get at least some level of completion (and Oscar is good at spurring me on, especially as he's fielding a fully painted fleet himself!).

Here's the "concept prototype" - a Fury-class cruiser;

Others in process...a Hammer class Frigate

Conqueror class Battleship
Gladius Gunship

Victory class

anyway, you get the idea....

So, these are all very early WiPs, I'll update the post as I progress on them. Next I need to add a similar post for my Relthoza...

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