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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Painting the Leviathans....update

Well Oscar's been painting keenly these past couple of days, and the old Sorylian leviathan has been taking shape nicely. I've been shamed into getting my brushes out too and getting the Hyperion sorted!

So, we left the Sorylian lizard just after having had it's wash.

...and here he is again after drying and drybrushing;

Next up he's got a nice red frill and eyes have been done...

Here's a close-up, which shows some of the tone variations;

Next up he's done the inside of the mouht, teeth, nose ring and horn basecoat

Then a wash on the horns and teeth to tone them down a bit and bring out some of the detail;

He'll be drybrushing those horns next....

For my part, I'd just sprayed my was to drybrush and then deal with the pilots enclosure cockpit and designators;

Hopefully you can see the drybrushing tones down the colours slightly. Here's a close up of the "head"...I'm quite happy with the blending on the "cockpit" part and how the designators turned out.

Next were the railguns...a steel undercoat first...

...then "lighting up"!

So they're both looking pretty mean - still plenty to go, but coming along nicely! See you next time!

Painting the Leviathans

So I posted an unboxing of leviathans a while back, and thought it time to get them underway after the obligatory washing and drying to remove and mould-release agent. First up is the Dindrenzi Hyperion, done in my usual WWII late-war three-tone German camo;

I did the Letos at the same time, 10 of!

Next step will be drybrushing and then detail painting.

At the same time as this, Oscar asked me to base-spray his Sorylian. Here it is;

He then gave it a wash of 50/50 Green/black on its upper and outer surfaces;

this really brings out the detail and contrast in the spraying - an excellent starting point..the boy's getting good!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Salute 2015

Well rather belatedly, here is some of my report from Salute. Oscar and I went as part of the Spartan Games crew, and unsurprisingly were running the Firestorm Armada table. We had the studio RotO ships, and it was packed all day, and we had a lot of people who were interested in FA or had v1 fleets but hadn't played for a long time etc - all of whom were looking at revisiting it. Oscar was an absolute star and many people commented on how engaged and enthusiastic he was - made me proud! :-)

We were next to the Planetfall table, and I got some nice "model view" shots (despite not having my proper camera with me, so apologies if image quality isn't quite up to normal standards!).

An Eris Squadron spots an Odin-class Leviathan through the cityscape of an alien world..

The Eris are not so easy to spot from the Leviathan's pov! The Terrans have also found the Dindrenzi leviathan...

Not a view I'd cherish from the driving seat of a heavy tank!

Also being shown were Dystopian Legions...

...and Dystopian Wars

But of course the star of Salute was Halo;

Spartan devoted two large tables to the game, and they were very busy all day (these taken before the main doors opened).

I didn't get a lot of time to look around the rest of the show, though I did a couple of circuits not that much caught my eye. One thing that was unavoidable and quite impressive was Hawk Wargames' large 10mm scale spaceship - this featured last year but it was wip at the time, now it was finished;

Was a very eye-catching centrepiece, although hearing interviews after Salute I don't think their "Orbital combat" game will be seeing the shelves until the end of this year or maybe 2016.

For me, though, the best model I saw at the show was on the Spartan Games stand, Halo table - the Covenant Assault Carrier. Of course I've seen this back at Spartan HQ but couldn't say anything about it then, but this is an almost 30cm long piece of beauty;

For me it stole the show, it's a simply gorgeous model and one that I'm sure Halo fans will buy whether they're into miniature games or not - it's the sort of thing you can have on your desk and look at all day long!

So that's just a quickie on Salute, see you again soon!