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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spartan Games Customer Support

Just thought I'd put a quick "Thank You" and ringing endorsement to Spartan Games for providing excellent customer support, which in the current climate really sets it apart from many companies out there...(one will not be mentioned!).

I had a Sorylian frigate in my starter fleet box received a week or so ago from an on-line trader which was slightly mis-cast, not majorly but enough that it couldn't be easily fixed (it looked like the resin at the rear hadn't cured when it had been taken out of the mould, and so had extruded/lengthened at the end, plus being slightly banana-shaped), and so the metal end-piece wouldn't fit on. Even if it had, it would have looked wrong. It was the only mis-cast in the box, but I got in touch with Spartan via email anyway as I'd heard they had good after-sales service from their forums.

Within 10 minutes I got a reply saying they'd replace it, and I received it today. No fuss, no quibbles, just a request for the colour of a packing dot so they could trace internally for QC (I couldn't find this, so just sent them photos of the box so they could see it if I'd missed it!).

10/10 Spartan for your customer service - I was already a fan, but this has further cemented my opinion.Seems they have guaranteed further spending on their products for the future!

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