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Friday, 21 June 2013

Has it really been that long!?!?

Well I started a new job in April, which has been pretty manic - it's very demanding and doesn't give a lot of time to write blog entries. I then had a major family incident in May, which further threw me, and it's our end of financial half year in June, so all in all writing here has not been on my mind!

However, it's coming up to the weekend now, and after a brief foray onto the forums, I thought I'd put fingers to keyboard and give a little holding message about things to come....

So, although life's been as hectic as a caffeine-fuelled cat in a catnip field, FSA hasn't gone completely to the wind. There have been a fair few purchases, for instance - the first one back in March, the last one a few weeks ago. I decided to bring my collection up to a standard of having at least one of everything, and then after my Hostility drone design won the Directorate new small ship category, I decided I should have one of each of the new smalls too (I was holding out to see if SG sent me a free blister for winnning...but no...nothing :-(....ah, well...).

Oscar and I did play a game a couple of weekends ago - a Kurak Alliance vs RSN ensemble, which I'll get a battle report out from soon. I've also restarted my epic project of looking at a better FSA ship design tool based on all sorts of parameters...more on that later in the year I feel...

Well, that's all for now, just wanted to give a quick heads-up and hello to say that the blog's still active, and more will come soon. Bye for now!