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Monday, 26 March 2012

Incoming Firestorm Armada!

Well, got a load more goodies courtesy of ebay and The TrollTrader on Saturday, which was great service considering I won them on Thursday evening, so despatched Friday and arrived next day. Amongst the resin and pewter were all sorts - from a Persecution class Directorate dreadnought which is impressively large, to some tiny (but rather cool) RSN Frigates. Oscar got the Manta-class Battle Carrier he'd been saving towards, plus some Barracuda Mk II Frigates (he has yet to earn!).

I put together a scenario yesterday for a game we started last night, where the Zenian league have discovered a derelict but very advanced alien ship in the outer reaches of a system. It's unknown energy system interferes with fold-space technology, so it couldn't be shunted away, meaning it's being stripped for whatever tech can be taken for examination in safety...this game me a chance to use the gun, torpedo and PD satellites that came, plus some civilian ships to ferry away the stolen tech. A (slightly) rule-bending League fleet with the Persecution class, RSN frigates and Dindrenzi cruisers/gunships rounded it out, whilst the Aquans have a full starter fleet, Manta battle-carrier and escorts. The Aquans had to deploy from fold-space using a long-range sensor scan of the area (a photo of the gaming table deployment with blurring on the ships & installations), but was then allowed to move D3+1 squadrons up to 6" on seeing the table. This kept the suspense up from Oscar's side, and allowed what was on the table to be a complete surprise. He was suitably impressed, which is always nice to see! All my ships had "cut engines", so my first activations were a series of hasty start-ups and retaliatory fire, and two of my RSN frigates bought it almost immediately, though they took an Aquan frigate with them...a full battle report will follow in due course....