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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Post Number One

So, finally gave into the tempation to start a blog...essentially because it was easier to set up than a website!

I used to have a website on my modelling activities "way back in the day" before I was married and the dot com bubble had burst, but as the hosting service I used packed in, and more of my time was taken up with work followed firstly by marriage and then children, it got lost in the dust of the web.

I still spend quite a bit of my "free" time doing various model-related things, most recently gaming with my son, Oscar. As he's now getting into using the web as a platform for telling others what we're up to, I thought it a good excuse to get back into this medium.

Oscar and I have been playing 40K together for about 5 years now. Last year we tried a bit of WWII wargaming and since January, we've also started playing Firestorm Armada (FSA for short). This last one is a game of starship battles in the far future, and is a great starting point for any gamer as it requires a minimal outlay, is easy to get into yet has some depth too. It's not perfect, but it is playable and fun! We're currently in the middle of a ~1,000 point game which started last week, and we get 40-60 minutes on every couple of days. In the FSA universe I currently play "the bad guys" - The Dindrenzi Federation (a splinter group of humans) and the Relthoza (arachnids in space - think Starship Troopers with technology), whilst my son plays The Terran Alliance (the original, nice, humans) and Aquans (fish people)...more on them in future blogs.

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