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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

On the painting bench - Hive Tyrant

Well, today I thought I'd deviate from prior posts (which have all focussed on FSA), and go back to 40K. With the recent "second wave" releases of Tyranids, and reading the latest White Dwarf, I've had a kick to my enthusiam about the Great Destroyer, and opted to get some monstrous creatures painted up.

First is a Hive Tyrant, complete with bone sword, lash whip, scything talons and adrenal gland. It had previously got to the stage of being base-coat sprayed and washed, with a bit of the carapace also being painted. Big, unattractive white primer areas still existed on the bone sword, so time to get him done. This is the old metal kit (I, like many others, am not a fan of Citadel's so-called "Finecast"), so limited in posability but still an imposing model.

Taking photos of minis with flash always changes how they look, but you can see the basics on this - basecoat on carapace now done, adrenal gland base done, added eyes to bonesword and lashwhip, main coat on body done. Next up is the parts on the sides of the vents, then the carapace wash and detailing, adrenal gland and "wet" areas (mouth, eyes etc). Some wash around the veins too...

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