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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Return of the Directorate...part 1

So I've been thinking about v2 of FSA that's been announced for release in a few months time, and the reports that the races are being rebalanced. The Directorate, currently the weakest faction in the game, being brought up to speed with the other races.

Now my Directorate have rather languished in half-painted obscurity for the best part of a year, not seeing much action at all since Oscar and I played a special scenario in our old house and v1. So I decided to get the brushes out and finish what I started.

My Directorate scheme is a grey disruptive splinter pattern inspired by some of the naval experiments around WWII. I spray the tops with a neutral grey, the bottoms with red oxide (both auto primer).

The top gets triangular dark and light grey areas picked out.

It then gets a Badab Black wash.

This picks out the details nicely, and a drybrush with light grey further makes things "pop" on the model. The bottom gets a Thrakka Green wash followed by a Blood Red drybrush. The detail areas then get picked out. Here's a Tormentor that's been through the process;

As for the rest of the fleet, here are some more WIP shots;