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Friday, 23 November 2012

Creating a Pathogen X9-V fleet

So almost another month drifts by without a post...testament to lots of work and little time to get on the PC with intent to write things up - note to self - must try harder!

Anyway, I've been tinkering with green stuff and various models to create a MotR Pathogen X9-V fleet. The first "concept" conversion for this was an Aquan Storm cruiser, part of a second-hand ship lot from, yes - you guessed it, ebay. As there were two Storms, Oscar got one for his Aquans (thus being able to field a full squadron) and the other was used for my nefarious purposes. This one I did as a pure GS adaptation just to see if it would look any good at all. A quick slap of paint and hey presto;

So, seeing as that went OK, I turned my attention to the Frigates that also came with the lot. As there were only 4, one got cut in half for more extensive alterations, whereas the sixth frigate (to make up the full squadron) was a slightly mis-cast resin Terran Alliance Pilgrim. This time I decided to try incorporating other elements that I'd purloined from my old Warhammer 40K bit boxes, mostly Chaos and Tyranid pieces.

Next up is the big one - the battleship. Having been lucky enough to pick up a BNIB Nausicaa for the princely sum of £2.20, I had just the starting material needed. As I decided this would need quite a few features added that I had in the bits box and I didn't want to do a lot of plastic-hacking, I quickly made some push-moulds using thermal-setting plastic (the same stuff I used to make turrets etc in the Thorn conversion) and then cast in GS, whihc would be much easier to use and blend in.

OK, then onto the work! Making the GS pieces was relatively easy, and they proved much easier to use due to their flexibility. They were glued on using cyanoacrylate and then blended in with more GS. Here's some pics at various stages.

Oscar then fancied a go, so started on a Terran Pilgrim;

Almost up to a full starter fleet now!