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Thursday, 15 March 2012

WiP - FSA Relthoza Fleet

So Oscar has his Aquans, I have my minions of evil...the first fleet of which I bought were the Relthoza. I like the idea of these arachnid creatures with their vertically-designed ships, scurrying about up and down their architecture. As I think their back-story makes them quite sinister, I wanted the ships to be quite dark and menacing - I also really dislike the way Spartan have them painted on their boxes! I still wanted them to be distinctive, however, so I went with a dark red scheme picked out with lighter reds and contrasted with black. The way they ended up reminds me somewhat of beetle carapaces, which is a good place to end up I think!

Here are the cruisers;

Not a great photo, I'll get a better one taken at some up is the Brood-class battleship

This is an awesome ship, I've not lost her yet in a battle - she can deal out a lot of punishment with those broadsides...

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