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Friday, 26 February 2016

Taskforce ships!

So we have been lucky enough to get some of the new Taskforce ships and thought we'd give you a slightly different view of them...let us know if you think it's good, and we'll do the rest!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Hub Systems Episode 15 - Firestorm Armada v3.0?

So after a sneak preview into the future, Spartan Neil mentioned the working of v3 of our beloved space combat game, Firestorm Armada. Here we speculate about what we'd want to change and preserve....

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Wild West Exodus - Models & Build

Apologies for the delay to posting this up, but as we took the pictures to show, I thought it should go up even if it's a few months late! Back in the closing quarter of 2015 we did an unboxing of Wild West Exodus, and covered our first impressions both here and on the podcast. To give you all unfamiliar with the game an idea of the model quality, here are some pictures of a build of one of the figures, and a few other shots.

Firstly, here are the parts for one of the outlaws - the parts are nicely cast with good detail.

For the most part, sprue attachment points are on joints or hidden parts, showing thought has gone into assembly and final look of the model

There are some seams to clean up, and I deliberately chose this figure as it's probably the worst offender from the set - showing the worst you'll have to do...most don't have seam lines anything like this large. This guy's overcoat is the part that needs greatest cleanup, but it's nothing more than a few minutes work.

The legs join at the knee, using parts designed so you can't get them wrong, and largely hide their own joins

Next is the head, attaching via the neckerchief

The arms have positive pegs on the body to slot into, so again you can't really get assembly wrong

Finally the right arm with the gun moulded on goes in place, completing the assembly. Now I want to paint these parts before I do this (after cleaning up the seams etc), but the parts have a good enough fit that I could dry-fit them to show you what he looks like with it on.

In fact, the fit of the parts is well worth mentioning - here's the Outlaw specialist, complete with sniper rifle;

This mini has not had his gun/arm assembly glued on - it's just dry fitted...that's impressive...

You get some interesting poses in the this cross-legged lawman

The mini I was least taken by on the box renders was the Outlaw bike. In reality, however, this is quite a nice little model and I think it looks good. I've not glued the guys hat on deliberately...he's not the subject of a horrible accident!

Now these are very different minis from anything else I possess, and painting them I wanted to give them a dirty, brown look similar to the raiders in Fallout 4. It has to be said that they take paint very well, and look great painted up. here's a Lawman I've used as a testbed...

Not finished - but you get the idea. I think he's coming up well, and seeing the painted minis makes me want to play the game, which is always a good sign!

The Hub Systems Podcast Episode 14 - Firestorm Taskforce

Later than intended due to our (hopefully final) house move, Episode 14 is live, and we discuss Taskforce with some of our North American colleagues. The good news is now we're in our house, we have a walk-in gaming room in the attic - lots of work to do but it's a good space!.

Enjoy the show!