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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Linked Mines...and tokens!

So I posted on the forums quite some time ago about the issues with mines in FSA - they're a rather weak weapon system that (at least in the original ship calculator) cost quite a bit more than the results you'd expect out of a similar weapon system. One idea I had was to allow a squadron of ships to link mines exactly as they can link fire - so 3 Mn4 cruisers could combine to lay a single Mn8 mine. This would be considerable more of a deterrent to larger ships than however many Mn4 mines, and provide ships armed with mines some tactical flexibility.

In order to properly try this out I'd need some appropriate counters, and rather than using dice (d6, d8 or d10), I thought about making some counters to easily distinguish between races and accomodate the values possible with their squadrons linking - for instance Terrans only have ships with mines that don't form squadrons, so they ONLY have Mn4 mines. Aquans, on the other hand, can produce an Mn10 counter from a squadron of cruisers...a real threat!

So, if anyone else fancies trying out linked mines, here are the counters in a PDF document.

Mine Tokens PDF

Happy gaming!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The plans we make...

Well, after my last holding post, another couple of months have gone by. Unfortunately this has been down to heavy workload and some personal stuff - last week ago my wife had a CT scan and ultrasound following a consultation a couple of weeks after a bad GI bleed. Turns out she had a tumour in her colon, which was removed on Monday by keyhole surgery. She's now home and recovering, but this has left little time for FSA and other "fun" activties. A few posts on the SG Community, but little else....

Anyway, things should start getting easier soon, and I should be able to start posting some of the backlog I have! Until then....