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Saturday, 17 March 2012


Received my order from Total Wargamer today - Tervigon/Tyrannofex and Hive Tyrant/Swarm Lord kits...Oscar and I did unboxing videos, the first of which is on YouTube already.

As for the kits...well, the Tyrannofex/Tervigon model is HUGE. I think it's pretty good value when you compare it to other kits, like the Carnifex for example (or the HT/Swarmlord, as discussed below!). It's cleverly designed and builds very nicely, and I love the weapon options. The Tervigon is nicely done too, though of course GW have designed it so you can't build it in a way that you could make it versatile. I think GW "attitude" (if a company can have such a thing, being ephemeral at best) is pretty poor here, and rather cynical. How much would it have really impacted sales if they'd made a more versatile kit that clever gamers could field as a Tervigon or Tyrannofex with the aid of a few magnets? Most people probably have a preference, and some might be running multiple Tervigons or Tyrannofexes, so multiple purchases would ensue anyway. Many wouldn't want to go to the bother of magnetising anyway, so how much would it hurt it to show it's thinking of its customers, rather than its profit line (which is pretty large anyway)? Even if this wasn't the intention (which I doubt), it doesn't create a good "feel"  -someting I've noticed increasingly on forums.

I've also something of an issue with the Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord kit, too. Coming at the same time as the Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit, you naturally put them side-by-side and think, "hang on a minute, this only cost 2 pounds less than the Tervigon". It's a nice kit, and much more convenient for conversions etc, and the wings are nice, but still. The Swarmlord parts really only consist of a very slightly different head and four arms - I was hoping for maybe some different legs (to make it taller and more imposing on the battlefield) and the forked tail from the artwork at least. The head just looks like a Hive Tyrant variant and the bone sabres are also disappointing, being weedier than a standard HT bonesword. You could change them, but then you just paid 33GBP for this!!!

The Hive Tyrant flying parts are nice - the wings and huge-clawe legs with flying tail shows some thought and design put in - which again makes you think why did they put so little effort into the Swarmlord - one of the Tyranids only "named" characters? The way the torso is split means they could have made some additional parts to provide a beefier section for it - but they didn't.It all fits together well, but it just shows a bit of a lack of imagination really, I feel.

Overall then, whilst being great kits and models, GW new Tyranid releases have got me thinking more about getting out of 40K and looking at another games that is a bit "nicer" (for want of a better term). My recent experiences with FSA have only strengthened this, and in the current economic climate I think GWs insensitivity is massive. Now they just need to release 6th Edition 40K with loads of rules changes that completely alter the way armies play, to finally torpedo my enthusiasm for their franchises.

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