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Friday, 31 July 2015

A break from Invasion Ships...Hawker Carrier Group unboxing

OK, so I'll admit that I'm a little "invasion-shipped out" at the moment, so I thought it was time I went a bit backwards and look at some prior, but relatively recent, releases. The first of these is the Hawker Carrier group.

So after we get the nice glossy card cover off the box and unload the resin, we get to the ships...

You get the Regent, 3 Stalwart Escorts 2 large and 2 small SRS tokens. Of course the main attraction is the Regent.

This is typical carrier size really, obviously a Large capital ship but not coming up to the proportions of the Excelsior. It is an angular block, unmistakably of Hawker design but SG have taken away the solar panel type shield vanes and incorporated them into the main body, so the ship has the link not only with the old Hawker ships, but also the new Tyrant class battleship. This is a nice touch and hints at the evolving designs and technology going on at Hawker.

A side view shows the elevated bridge/viewing deck and prominent Hawker quad-turrets, as well as the side-mounted shield panels. It also highlights the sharp edges and angles on this ship.

Underneath you can see more of those quad Hawker turrets and the recess for the dual flight peg stand piece.

You can see the amount of detail SG have packed into this, which is very impressive on a single-piece ship of this size.

This front 3/4 view displays the ship in one of its best views I think.

Next are the Stalwarts - you get three, and they're pretty big for escorts, but then their stats also reflect that.

They're a lovely design, moulded with pour recesses at the rear which will need cleaning up, as shown here.

Lastly are the SRS tokens, which we've not seen before. These are lovely, and those of you that know the Planetfall Hawker ships will recognise the small tokens.

This is a really nice touch, and helps tie the games together in feel if nothing more.

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