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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Invasion ships unboxing - Directorate

The next set of Zenian ships are the nefarious Directorate, the unscrupulous corporate bad guys everyone loves to hate...

Now although you get eight ships for the Directorate, you get a lot of parts compared to some of the other sets because of their modular nature

Let's start with the small ships first as before;

So this is the Induction class, and although technically a small ship, she's actually quite large! I love the design, a real throwback and homage to the old Enforcer class frigate but updated with the new engines and increased details that we see in all modern SG designs.

All the little PD turrets and multiple cargo doors etc are just perfect for this design.

We then jump up to the Appropriation class Assault Cruiser, which is a beast, dwarfing the Abraxas. It is made up from the same side-pods we saw in the RotO ships (the Turmoil and Annihilation), which is nice - showing corporate standardisation of these Tier 2 ships.

The central pod itself consists of a heavily armoured front, rear engine, turrets and a front cargo / hanger type door. All the details are nicely moulded as you'd expect.

Moving onto the final ship, we have the Integration class Assault carrier;

This is quite a slim vessel, and relatively small for a large class ship, weighing in around 2/3 of the mass of the old battleship.

From above she's a fairly standard Directorate vessel, though the elevated central structure is atypical.

Underneath, however, you really get the detail and function of the ship, with various hanger bay doors, cargo entrances and what looks like large transport crates - maybe even a carousel cargo dispenser at the rear - very nice

Altogether the ships make a nice force, and again I doubt any Directorate player would be disappointed in them.

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