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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Invasion ships unboxing - Terrans

Next up in the Invasion ships release are the Terrans, with their Charter Enforcement Fleets.

I've covered the main points of what else is included in the Aquan blog post, so I won't repeat myself here, but instead concentrate on the ships themselves, and here they are.

So you get eight ships in total...let's start with the Nadir Frigates

These are similar in size to a Terran Armsmen Frigate. and they share many common elements, which is great as it ties in very well with the fluff and really gives the impression that this is a ship that has been developed in conjunction with or adapted from the standard Frigate.

So here you can see the rear of the ship is identical to the Armsmen, the engines etc all standard, and then the main changes start to come in the front two thirds of the ship. This is also very apparent from underneath;

The front is also completely different, with a short runway (Aerial Helix, perhaps?) and hanger entrance etc. Overall it's a very flavourful ship for this theme.

Next in line is the Horizon Assault Cruiser. This is a slab-hulled ship, unmistakably Terran and with design cues from many Terran sources.

The last ship in the set is the Solar class carrier

This is an interesting ship, the fluff mentions Hawkers extensive involvement in its development, and that comes through in the model - the elevated bridge/viewing platform is very Hawker-esque, but otherwise there are again many familiar Terran cues, so it really does feel like a co-developed design. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story...

Overall, these continue the theme of the Invasion ships in the prior blog - some interesting designs with beautifully moulded detail. Any Terran commander would be proud to field them I feel!

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