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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Invasion ships unboxing - Sorylians

Completing the Kurak Alliance are the Sorylians with their Bastion fleet...

I especially like this set because it's different in composition to the others - and that actually raises another point here, the way that they're all named factionally is nice too. It ties the factions to their fluff more and makes the release feel less cookie cutter in my view. Anyway, let's get to the models.

Ten ships for the Sorylians, more than any of the other factions. This goes with their existing fleet compositions, with large squadrons of smalls.

This time I'm going to start with the rather gorgeous Amentum battlecruiser, a vessel that has both the largest number of parts of any of the invasion ships, and which is also one of the best looking. It has three drop-on pieces for the engines, three for the invasion canister things (you can see one placed at the chin of the model above) and a standard flight stand peg insert - 8 parts, 2 ships, 16 components in total

After that is the Katar

Slightly smaller than a standard Falcata, the Katar is a single-piece resin ship (plus flight stand insert), in stark contrast to the Amentum

It is no less gorgeous, however!

Finally the Corvus Frigate - probably the weakest design of the set (it has a difficult job compared to the other ships!).

Even so, it's still a beautifully moulded single piece.

Another point I haven't made with any of these ships so far is how well they are moulded - flash is almost non-existent, and where it does occur it is flimsy and easily dealt with. Moulding pour inserts are likewise simply removed and clean up well, and are generally located in sensible places. 

Sorylian players should be very happy with this release, and I can see Amentum's being used as non-Planetfall ships and to proxy for the Hasta for those that don't like that ships particular aesthetic.

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