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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Invasion ships unboxing - Relthoza

And so we come to the last of the Zenian, and indeed the last of all of the Invasion ship boxes. Of course I saved my favourite race - the Relthoza - until last.

Now the Relthoza get just seven ships, almost as few as the Dindrenzi...but what ships!

As we've seen for several Relthoza designs, and most of the invasion boxes (the Aquans being a notable exception), some of the ships consist of multiple parts.

Here we start off with the Ichneumon class frigate, a not insubstantial ship (above next to an Assassin), sort of looking like a cut down Venom with a tail.

Now this "tail" portion really gives these ships a distinctive look and feel to me - it's like a honeycomb, I can imagine it being crammed with spires crawling with drones ready to be dispensed onto the battlefield!

So with that done, we move onto the Cotesia. This is not a ship that's easy to take pictures of in unconstructed form, so this is two-thirds of the ship - the main hull plus one side pod/wing. This latter section is the same as in the Carrier model, which ties it in nicely with the existing aesthetic and is a good reuse of existing part moulds from SG.

The meat of this model, however, is in the single-piece hull (yes, the "flight stand peg" shown here is actually moulded in place!. This carries on and extends the theme of the prior "honeycomb" piece, with this making up the bulk of the hull. In addition there are several hanger bay doors (the ship can be changed to carry wings).

Last we have the Ootheca, a single-piece ship that staggers me in how they mould in one block!

This is a simply fabulous model - I love it! The rows of honeycomb arrays make it look gravid, ready to spawn its Imperial Relthoza warriors onto the face of alien worlds.

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