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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Upgrading bases again...

Back at Warfare last November I bought some micro-dice holders to put on some of our FSA bases, this intended to replace crew and Hull Point damage markers. Unfortunately I ended up buying the wrong ones (a size too small) and so this never happened.

The the other week I saw a post on Facebook by Dan Bird, with dice held in place with these little laser-cut MDF frames. It prompted me into action, seeing as there's no reason to wait until a show with all of the internet at my disposal (and nothing in the way of a local gaming store to support). I thus ordered a bunch of these from Minibits (, together with some Blue and Red micro dice. A few days later these arrived, and it was off to work!

Here are the Minibits pieces and dice - I bought a pack each of red and blue, plus a pack of extra frames

So step one is to take a standard base, two frames (one for HP, one for CP) and superglue them on. I went for the extreme corners, leaving maybe 0.5mm gap between base edge and frame.

Like so! Now it is possible to stop at this stage...

...and as you can see it's very effective.  You can do the same thing for large bases and also for small bases where the HP or CP is larger than 6 - there are a fair few of these, but the majority of small bases have only one of these parameters exceeding 6 at a time, so a 2+1 configuration also suits.

I'm not a huge fan of clear bases, however, so I sprayed mine black - this also helps in covering up any fogging of the acrylic from the superglue.

I will then go for a simple starfield effect as I did before (see, but for the moment they have seen their first service in the Ba'kash giving the Sorylians a real "Ba'kashing" (too much??)...thought I failed to take Oscar's Falx, it FSD escaping with just a single point left.

Anyway, I hope this inspires you to look at possible upgrades of your own  let me know if it does!

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