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Monday, 7 October 2013

Works Raptor Unboxing

So I got a lovely box of ships last night, and I thought I'd put a few pics and initial impressions from the unboxing on here.

The ships in question are the Works Raptor fleet - the worst of the worst in the FSA universe! Works Raptor are on the extreme fringe of the already dubious HMR Directorate, that shadowy company that everyone loves to such they rather appealed to me as the evil dark corporate killers - there's no ambiguity with Works Raptor, they don't even care who the good guys are!

So opening the box reveals a set of resin ships, a lot of metal accessories, flight stands and the ubiquitous card token sheets;

Taking the ships out of their little bubble-wrap baggies, we have the ships themselves. I took pictures of them with a Sorylian Morning Star carrier to give an idea of scale. First up is the Assault Carrier;

This is made up of three resin pieces - the central hull and two handed side parts with four extra launch bays each.

Next up is the torpedo cruiser;

This is a single piece resin hull with some nice detail - especially the central "power core" on the underside;

And finally comes the corvette, a typical Spartan metal single-piece;

Of course, the hulls aren't stand-alone, there are a whole bunch of shield plates;

Overall, the moulding on both the hulls and accessories is excellent, the resin hulls have basically no flash at all, and just need a little tidying on the mould pouring entry points at the rear, which takes less than a minute per hull with a scalpel. The shield parts take a bit longer, being metal, and there's a fair pile of bits when they're done (see the pile on the right here!), but all pretty straightforward.

Next step will be to wash in soapy water to remove mould release agents and then spray prime...see you next time!


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  1. How were the cast quality on the metal fins for you? Many of mine one side had a loss of detail on them. I do like them and hope to finish painting my first of 8 cruisers soon (I got 2 boxes).