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Monday, 21 October 2013

Kedorian Unboxing Part 2 - the next box!

Following on from the Support Fleet unboxing a week or so ago (which as you will recall comprises the Battleship and two cruiser/destroyers), I'm following up with the second Kedorian offering from Spartan, the Kedorian Alliance Fleet. This set sports the Carrier,  no less than 4 cruisers, and four frigates too. This is all packaged up in a carboard box with a lovely glossy outer sleeve showing the painted contents and some plan schematics as normal;

Inside the sturdy box is the now very familiar layout of bubble-wrap bags containing the sculpts, plus standard bags with flight stands and accessories. In addition are two sheets of tokens for my growing collection;

First up for a bit of examination is the Carrier, which is substantially smaller than the battleship (which in itself is the most massive vessel in FSA so far - bigger than even the Retribution!), but still pretty big;

Once again, in addition to the hull parts are the metal parts, and also the laser-cut acrylic;

The cruisers/destroyers are here again, but for completeness I'll show them again in case you didn't catch the first unboxing, compared to our Poseidon;

So, yes, they can be built as Zai-Dan cruisers OR Gai-Shar destroyers - the resin parts determine which variant you are building. Of course if you're clever and only have one set, you could magnetise these parts to give flexibility;

The parts that look like castles on the left are to make them into destroyers, the four parts in the middle are those used if making them as cruisers. The two resin parts at the right are used on the carrier.

In addition to the big sips are four diddly little metal frigates;

As we've come to expect from Spartan, the resin parts are all very cleanly cast, but the metal frigates have much more, especially in terms of the cental clear area.

Now the Kedorian battleship is HUGE, and the carrier is pretty big too, and just like the battleship, they are lovely castings with great detail and little to no flash or casting anomalies.

I won't go through the cruiser/destroyer hulls again, have a look at Part 1 if you want some close-ups. I can repeat, though, that they are equally nicely done, with almost zero casting flash.

As I mentioned, the Frigates have quite a bit of flash - they will need fairly extensive and careful clean-up, and will in all likelihood take as long to sort out as the rest of the ships in the pack put together. That said, the various casting "extras" don't impede the detail on the models, and shouldn't affect their look when finished.

That's it for this installment, next up from the Kedorians will be cleaning up and assembly ...

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