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Friday, 18 October 2013

Kedorian Unboxing Part 1

Now after the Works Raptor unboxing of a couple of weeks ago, I'm following up with the first of two Kedorian boxes - The Support Fleet, which comprises the Battleship and two cruiser/destroyers.

I must admit that when I first saw the Kedorians, I was left a little cold...the idea of floating cities in space was not really my thing. However, when I saw them for real, it completely changed my perception of them - they looked awesome! The support fleet, with the Dei-Nak battleship, was definately the first port of call. The box follows the typical layout of the new Spartan Boxed fleets, a nice shiny outer sleeve covering a sturdy box protecting the precious contents;

So we have the ubiquitous token cards and bases, the Dei-Nak battleship, two cruisers/destroyers, a bag of metal bits, some resin bits and some laser-cut acrylic.

The battleship is enormous - here are the two main resin hull parts, compared to a Poseidon class;

That's a LOT of resin! In addition to the hull parts are the metal parts;

And also the laser-cut acrylic. I've bounced the flash deliberately here to give some definition to the edges so you can see them more clearly;

The smaller parts here are for the cruisers/destroyers. Here are the main hull parts compared to our Poseidon;

I mentioned these are cruisers OR destroyers - the resin parts determine which variant you are building;

The round parts on the left are those used if making them as cruisers, the ones that look more like buildings are to make them into destroyers. The centre two resin parts are used on the battleship.

The parts are all very cleanly cast, only the additional parts really having any flash to speak of. As for the main hull pieces, these are epic castings. here's the upper battleship hull;

As you can see there's almost no moulding flash here, and a tremendous aount of complexity and detail  -very nice for a single-piece moulding. The same can be said of the bottom;

These are gorgeous castings, make no mistake, and the sheer size of the thing is imposing to say the least. The only part of the models I'm not 100% sold on are the laser-cut acrylic pieces. Not to say they aren't done in a beutiful way, I'm just not sure of the flat, featureless nature of them. Having said that, we'll have to see how it all comes together, because when I've seen them built they are deeply impressive!

Next up are the cruiser/destroyer hulls. Equally nicely done, with almost zero casting flash.

So that's it for this installment, next up will be the Carrier, more cruisers and frigates from the Kedorians...

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