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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Return of the Terran Alliance Thorn Battleship!

Remember many moons ago when I was looking at an old Razorthorn I got in a set of ships in an ebay win? Well the poor thing has sat in a drawer ever since, unfinished and ignored...with all the recent stuff happening with v2.0 rules, I've neglected the hobby part of the hobby! So after seeing some conversions on the SG Community, I thought I'd get my act together and finish it....

I've changed where I wanted to go with this design several times, and decided to alter it slightly again, removing the fore greenstuff "island/bulkheads" and putting Sentinel-type turrets at the fore. The rear "castle" casemate I retained, and added further shrouded gunports. I added the same guns as on the port/starboard on the old turret mounts, with the exception of the top central(ish) mount, which is now arrayed with a Sentinel-type turret (on a small mount) plus four single turrets from the front of the Razorthorn.

Of course a good proportion of the model is now green stuff, and it needs a proper paint job, but I'm reasonably happy on how it's come out. I may even use her in an upcoming v2.0 game.... :-)


  1. I remember that green stuff...

    ... I remember it causing forum grief.

    Looks good! I can't wait till you get it painted so I can make out the details better.

  2. Yes indeed...though I think it was the Hive/Husk that tipped the balance...