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Thursday, 6 December 2012

RSN Rising...

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get a couple of Spook Cruisers and a Spectre battleship to add to my Phoenixes, Bulwarks, Sirens and Banshee. None of these are yet painted, though all are primed and I've tried out a scheme I didn't really take to on a Bulwark. The RSN are the extreme end of the Dindrenzi scale, originators of the split from Terra and a bit fanatical. Some people refer to them as "space Nazis", which I think is somewhat misplaced, but actually - in terms of colours - it gaev me an idea...

My Dindrenzi fleet is based around Black, white, grey and orange - taking a lead from the District 9 alien ship colours. I wanted the Dindrenzi ships to be bold and making a statement - they believe they are the rightful inheritors of the galaxy, the cutting edge of humanity...they're not going to be very bland! With all the advanced equipment of the 38th century, unless you go to nano-scale cloaking (as the relthoza do), you might as well make a statement with your ships livery, right?

Which brings me back to the RSN and 1930s German political parties. The one thing th Nazis succeeded at above all else was propoganda - really in a way it had never been done before. The bold red, white and black of its symbology was instantly recognisable. This combination of colours has always been a powerful one, and I wanted to use it for my RSN - in a way that would complement my Dindrenzi fleet so they would look like brothers in arms (which they are).

Of course, my Relthoza are red, so I don't want to create a similar looking fleet.I've taken some side/front/rear/top photos of the ships so I can play around in a painting packge to decide on a scheme...until then, any suggestions are welcomed!

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