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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Christmas FSA Present

Well Happy Christmas (or whatever alternative "winter" holiday you celebrate)!

I meant to post this up before, but of course this time of year is incredibly busy, so it had to wait until now.

What I've done is to create some alternative ship stat cards, specifically for printing in black and white (originally as an output source for Army Builder). Once done, I thought it would be worthwhile sharing these more widely.

I know others have done alternative ship stat cards in the past, but they mess with the traditional order of ship stats and I prefer the "original" order. I also wanted to include MARs, not have too big a card and show weapons in a standard format. I like the idea of showing weapons where they are on the ship too.

So that's what I did. 139 times. So here's the full current ship list of stat cards in PDF format. Have a great holiday.


  1. Nice looking cards: Ironically you mention Army Builder in your post, which is what brought me to your blog. I use Army Builder for 40K and others, and just took interest in FSA.. Unfortuneatly, the files for FSA in army builder are still V1.1 instead of V2.. I was wondering if you had any plans to update them, or if you had and they just don't show up in army builders downloads for some reason?

  2. V2 programming is done, but MotR additions took longer, and there are still some bugs to iron out. Take a look at, as it's Chris from that site and I that code these, and they should appear there at the same time as general release. If you're interested in pre-release beta-files, drop me an email to