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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas is coming...and so are the Relthoza!

So less than a week until Christmas now, and things are definately getting more festive in our household...the tree, decorations, cards, invites to plays and Christmas drinks etc....

So, as a festive update, I'll be posting some things I've worked on over the past few weeks over the next few days - hope they're of interest!

The first is the Relthoza Trapdoor Hunter-Killer. I wanted to create a ship in FSA which had more of a submarine feel to it than the Destroyer type currently officially in play. To me a Destroyer is a ship that has a specific protective AA/Anti-sub role in a fleet, more like the Escorts in FSA. Still, the idea of a hidden ship stalking and striking others is an appealing one, but needed a few "extras" to do in FSA. Here's a link to what I came up with, after a few tweaks from community comments.

Relthoza Trapdoor Class Hunter-Killer

Feel free to playtest and feedback your thoughts!

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