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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Others: 7 Sins Unboxing Part 3 - Apocalypse

After the core set covered in Part 2, let's move onto the optional buy, Apocalypse.

On opening it appears as full as the core set, with various flavour pieces that describe how the add-on works

You then have the map tiles...

Below which are the minis

War - my least favourite of the four dudes of the Apocalypse. There are several model elements I'm unsure of (rather than don't like) - the armour for example. That being said, there are other elements I do like - the nuclear reactor thing in his back, his bulk and even his stance, which although static is sort of imposing, like he doesn't need to show off.

Pestilence - he has a sword which came off in the post, but its a simple repair. I really like this figure, I think it has a good balance and is suitably repellent. I also think the improvised WWI look to his gas mask / biohazard suit headpiece gives him a really nasty feel.

Famine - one of my favourite figures, the grasping arm torso is a great idea, and goes with the emaciated theme of the rest of the figure. The grossest part is the wasted flesh bag trailing behind and between his legs....nasty. The bone scales are bent, and will need a boiling water reset, but overall the model is very good. There is some flash on the seams, but I'm hoping that it will clean up nicely.

Death - a nice rendition of one of he most recognisable figures, I love the feathered wings, giving him the "Angel of Death" feeling very nicely too.

...and finally, Apocalypse. I'm not sure how I feel about this figure, there's a lot going on with it. Having said that, it's very well done, and there are some really nice touches - the Alien chest-burster tentacle heads for example, and the rendition of the chest mouth. It'll make an epic monster in DnD too!

Well that's it for this post, next up (and finally for the unboxing side of things) will be the Kickstarter extras!

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