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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Fanstorm Armada v1 - Military Organisations

Now if you have the Zenian and Kurak Alliance fleet books, these contain the most background on the individual Core races yet produced by Spartan. While solid, theres still a lot of gaps here. The book mentions some military structures and such, but although there are some good specifics, I felt this really needed fully fleshing out to create a coherent framework for further work. Here's what I did.

These are early drafts I completed of these structures - I am working on refining and updating these, especially the Directorate and Relthoza, In any case, I hope you enjoy them and they help you build the universe into your games and more for the future. Also, we're recording the next episode of The Hub Systems Podcast tonight, so expect Episode 28 before the weekend!

Military Organisations in Firestorm Armada

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