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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Others: 7 Sins Unboxing Part 1

The Others: 7 Sins was a Kickstarter I backed way back as a late pledge, simply because I loved the grotesque nature of the minis and I like the gameplay of Zombicide, another CMON release (with Guillotine Games). It was supposed to ship in March, but delays brought it to July, then it delayed again and the South Korean shipping firm that pledges were on went into Liquidation, the most affected being the one supplying UK pledges....that meant that eventually I gave up on looking for updates, just accepting that it would arrive whenever it chose to!

Now I was in Germany all last week, but as I checked my personal emails on the Monday evening after arriving at the hotel, what did I see but a shipping, I would get the package soon! When I checked, the tracking info said it had already been delivered. That meant 4 more agonising days knowing it was sitting at home whilst I was several hundred miles away...Aaarrgghh!

So on my return the first thing Oscar and I did, despite both being exhausted, was to open the box and delve's what we found....

First, the box is pretty massive - here's Oscar hiding behind it for scale (he's as tall as me now, so no children were harmed in the making of this unboxing!)

Opening the box it is pretty packed to the brim, with only a couple of air-pockets in the top to stop stuff shifting about

On the top of the pile are the plastic upgrade to the tokens that come in the main game. These look nice and clear, and look to be enhancing the game experience

We also plumbed for the optional Art Book

We then get a box of extras for the Apocolypse upgrade...

...along with the Apocolypse expansion box itself

I stuck on extra plastic wounds and corruption markers - I thiunk these will be useful in any number of games beyond this one

Some extra dice...

...and the other 5 sins that aren't in the core game, plus Beta and Omega team.

The core set seems quite small compared to everything else by comparison!

The other sins....

And the other characters;

So this is the complete initial unpacking of the shipping box - here's the total haul;

That's quite a lot of stuff! Next time I'll look at the core set and Apocalypse expansion, and show why we backed this Kickstarter in the first place...gruesome but beautifully detailed minis!

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