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Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Hub Systems Episode 19 - Salute 2016

After the Salute 2016 show, Oscar and I invite Spartan Vanguard Ian Duff (who was running the Planetfall demos), Chris Smith (aka the organiser of the Reading Warfare Firestorm tournament) and Tomas Martin (lead author for Spiral Arm Studios and Maelstrom's Edge) to talk about our impressions and highlights.

We cover new games like Halo Ground Combat and Project Götterdämmerung, as well as our usual Hit or Miss slot, where this time we examine the "Limited Edition" 2016 Space Marine from Games Workshop.

Tomas takes some time to talk about Maelstrom's Edge and how things have changed for Spiral Arms from last year pre-Kickstarter, to this year and having delivered and going retail. here's their website if you want to know more, or to buy the game, of course!

We also look at the rather nice Space Stations coming in Dropfleet Commander (look these up on Facebook);

Plus lots of other stuff - Enjoy!

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