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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Planetfall Magnetised Storage

Now I've mentioned the games room is coming along, so I've been sorting out my various gaming model collections - Firestorm ships, Zombicide, Strange Aeons and Deadzone figures in GW cases, larger models in display cases...but that leaves a lot of Planetfall stuff...question is, where to put it?

Now some time ago I acquired a postal letter rack thing - I don't know the official name for it - the kind of thing you'd get in an office for distributing letters to staff. I picked it up off our local Freecycle - a community where unwanted items are advertised to others to use if they have a use for them.

By itself this letter rack is not that useful - deep, shallow shelves are not that easy for using with many things other than letters! I had a plan however...First, I bought some sheet steel - 0.8mm thick and 625mm square...the company allowed up to 10 cuts for free on this, so cutting in half in one direction and in thirds in the other produces 6 sheets of about A4 dimension - the same as a standard piece of paper (in Europe). In other words, a piece of steel that will fit the letter rack.

I also ordered some flexible magnetic sheets - these were A5 size and 0.8 mm thick, the sort used for making fridge magnets.

The steel sheet also works well as a straight edge to cut the magnetic sheets on my cutting mat, so the first stage is to get everything lined up to cut a 4cm wide strip...

...and the cut it using a scalpel or similar blade.

This is repeated...

...until we've a stack of strips.

After that, this 3cm rectangles are cut off this strips, either as before with the scalpel

Or even using scissors and an infantry base as a guide

In any case, you then have some appropriately sized rectangles of magnetic sheet, and your small Planetfall bases. make sure you get the right side up, as typically only one side is magnetic, and you want to make sure that's NOT the side you're gluing to the base!

It's then a simple matter of adding superglue

And attaching firmly


i found that a couple of drops of superglue was sufficient, and the base can then be used to quickly spread it around, either with a circular or dragging motion, to ensure there's glue over most of the base/magnet union without getting too much seepage of glue (you can see a little in the bottom right hand corner of the base above).

This can then be put on the magnetic sheet until its fully dried

Even so, it will cling to the steel sheet...

...even upside down!

When it's completely dry, you can then trim off any excess sheet from the base. I just used scissors for this - it's quick and easy.

Repeat until finished...

And here they are stored in the letter-rack - or at least the start of the forces

I've ordered some more sheet as I got through the small A5 sheets quite quickly - and as you can see I've a lot of Planetfall stuff to do.

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