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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Planetfall Directorate Recon Helix & Infantry Upgrade unboxing

The next unboxing is the Directorate, one of my current favourite forces in Firestorm. This time I'll start with the light infantry upgrade.

Box contents...

opening these yields a LOT of metal!

So there are three main elements - the sweeper teams, Field gun teams and the commanders. Let's start with the Field guns.

This is a nice resin quad rocket-launcher system, with 2 standard infantry - as there are 9 bases, that's 18 of the individual metal infantry...a large proportion of the metal content of this box.

The other major constituent of the metal content of the box are the Sweeper teams - in the Directorate that means hovering razorbots of death! These are immensely cool and really nice both conceptually and in execution. Swarms of these things flying across the battlefield at chest height cutting opponents in half is very Directorate!

There's a lot of metal spoor on these, so they take a while to clean up, but that's to ensure they get fully cast, so I've no real problem with that, they're not that much of a PITA.

The final part of the set are the commanders;

These take the usual form of three commanders and their bodyguards. The commander himself is very swish, and once again I'd love to see these in 28mm;

He'll be great fun to paint up :-)

Over then to the recon helix;

I was excited to see those Heavy Infantry robots....

No surprises in the box, two combat carriers, five of the new light tanks, infantry and Heavy Infantry. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them in detail before I started painting them (hey, I was excited about them, OK?). So the pictures below are after washing, priming and dry-brushing.

The new recon is a lovely little thing, and very Directorate. The combat carrier is the same as previously, but I'll include it here anyway since I don't think I've put up a picture of it before fully made up (though again, mid-painting).

but my favourite models in the set are the sweeper robots. However disappointed I may be that they only have cyberweapons, they still look badass!

So that's all for this time folks, the Directorate releases are really nice and I'm looking forward to finishing them to add to my growing corporate acquisition forces! Let the good times roll!

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