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Monday, 8 June 2015

Planetfall Dindrenzi Recon Helix & Infantry upgrade unboxing

To follow up on my prior post where I mentioned Dindrenzi were next up, here are those independent-minded frontiersmen in all their glory!

The front sides of all the Planetfall boxed sets are pretty much the same, a dark background with a coloured hex in the centre with the faction symbol on it. They get more interesting when you turn them over and find  the painted box content photos;

Now, the Dindrenzi recon helix has raised some eyebrows over on the community as they're all drop assets, but that is very much the Dindrenzi way. Likewise I know some do not like the armoured shield on the gun team model for the infantry upgrade box, citing Dindrenzi Nyx infantry speed and manoeuvrability etc. I can see their point. but it really doesn't bug me that much.

Opening the boxes, we're greeted with the familiar sight of poly bags and bubble wrap;

There's a lot of infantry there! That means a lot of painting too....

So, let's take the Recon Helix first. Unbagging all the resin and metal, we find ourselves with;

That's four bases for weapons emplacements, one infantry drop pod, weapons and infantry bases - including one commander. Now at this point I normally go ahead and share additional pictures of all the items in detail, but I actually got painting these right away, so they're a little more mid-painting than normal! First item is the weapon pods base;

Then  we have the Estock flak launchers, which are exactly the same pieces as on the Leviathan, but with an "adaptor" piece to make them fit on the base above;

These I will magnetise, together with the pun platforms, and have them interchangeable but no likely to fall off mid game (which they otherwise will do - the shot above is very carefully balanced!). So the Gun platforms are next;

These use the same gun pieces as the tanks, and are nice units - though considerable more fiddly than I had initially imagined.

You also get a drop pod and infantry, but we've seen them before - apart from the commander, who I'll cover in the infantry upgrade - which I'll crack right onto...

Yep, that's a hell of a lot of metal! The main components are the infantry gun;

and the missile teams

The former can be posed with their shields as intended...

Or you could stick him on a base without it as you wish. There are two shield base designs to choose from;

The missile guys come in standing and kneeling;

and then to round of the infantry upgrade (and the recon helix as you get a commander in there too), is the Dindrenzi 3-base HQ guy;

He's pretty cool, as are all the infantry dudes - they're really nice little castings. It's a fairly "vanilla" upgrade compared to the outlandish Aquan box, but good nonetheless.

So there you have it - the Dindrenzi Recon and infantry boxes...hopefully you found the unboxing useful!

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