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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Planetfall Aquan Recon Helix & Infantry upgrade Unboxing

As we know, the recon Helixes and Infantry upgrade boxes were released a little while ago, and as Oscar's birthday was just a couple of weeks ago it seemed Aquans were the right place to start with these.

Nothing unusual about the format - standard boxes, on the flip side showing the contents as painted studio models;

Opening these up we see the also standard bubble wrap bags;

...and there's a lot in there! Especially the infantry upgrade box, which has a surprisingly large amount of stuff!

So looking at these individually to get a better idea of the contents, let's take the recon helix.

This contains two of the new Aquan transports (no more having to hoof around the battlefield on webbed claws or stow away in the back of a heavy tank), four new light class tanks and a bunch of infantry - 12 bases worth. So let's take a look at these in detail.

The transport is a great model, very detailed and a great aesthetic - it gels with the rest of the Aquan army perfectly.

I actually love the underside - I really like the fact that Spartan model all these areas you will mostly never see! Next up is the new light tank, sporting Stingray missiles;

This is another nice little model, and it's quite a bit bigger than the existing Imzani;

It also comes with a new base, which has a slightly angled "plinth" so the tank sits slightly angled forward, which is another nice little touch

I won't cover the infantry here, we've done that before! However, then we come back to the Infantry upgrade box. Unpacking the small box actually yields a ton of stuff, and a lot of it in metal.

Let's start with the commander;

He (I suppose it could also be a she!) stands about 3mm taller than the regular infantry, but almost 2mm of that is crest! Anyway, he's a nice little dude, and will paint up well. Next is the gun platform;

This is a single piece casting, which is quite impressive, and comes in 2 flavours - the one above plus one with a prone Aquan. You could also use any spare metal infantry to vary this further if you wanted. Finally, it's the fish riders;

I really like these guys - and the detail is great - you get scaly fish skin on the flanks, lots of fins, bulgy eyes and a little lure on its head...what more could you want? - oh yeah, a dude on its back with a big ass gun. Love 'em!

So the verdict? Another great set of models to further support the rapidly expanding portfolio of Planetfall - a game not yet a year old, and yet with a vast array of models available for it already, with no sign the releases are slowing! If the quality of the Aquan set is anything to goo by, I'd heartily recommend it to anyone wondering if they'd take the plunge, regardless of your faction!

Next time...Dindrenzi!

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