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Friday, 14 February 2014

Painting update - Works Raptor, Terquai & Dystopian Legions

A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to giving my faithful Badger 150 airbrush a proper strip-down and clean, using cellulose thinners to burn off the built-up paint on many of the internals! It's now flowing like a dream, and encouraged me to break out my Tamiya & Testors paints and get on with some proper airbrushing. As such, I thought it would be a good time to have a quick update on my painting activities of late.

My last venture into airbrushing of any note was my Works Raptor ships, and although washed and drybrushed since, they've not been finished for want of a clean airbrush to use! Since the clean, however, that's no longer the case - the power cores, drives and weapons could get their proper attention. First up were the Interdictors;

This is just a misting of green over and around the power core. The more "internal" elements then get a couple of successively lighter coats like so;

The same goes for the weapons port;

Final internal highlights will be completed by handbrushing. Next up is the Attrition;

And last the Tyrannies;

I'm quite happy with how they've turned out. Next up for the airbrush were a bunch of Terrans, but I just basecoated them, so won't put any pics of them. I also broke out a set of Terquai Arual and Makalu cruisers and got into them. These a basecoated in Tamiya light blue, followed by stripes of darker blue and green. Here's one that got the treatment;

Now this looks a little rough (out of practice with the old Badger!), but don't they are again after a wash with Asurmen Blue and drybrush with Space Wolves Grey;

I'm quite pleased with how they're coming out - the effect I wanted was that shifting light pattern you get through water. Just detail painting and then engine glow a la Works Raptor above to go!

As I've had the opportunity to get into Dystopian Legions recently, I'll also give you a quick preview of what I'm doing on that front, as I've not painted any actual figures for some time. These are a couple of Tuetonic Knights from the Prussian Empire, great minis and they've been fun to paint so far.

The top halves have been sprayed light blue, washed and drybrushed, and the legs are just in the process of being painted dark grey before a black wash - this is basically the same colour as Prussian mounted rifles from the late 19th century - my Prussians are going to be very traditional! This also explains the red shoulder guards - the "Cuffs" on the arm armour will also be red (in fact as we speak they already are!).

OK, that's about all I have so far, I'll cover the other DL stuff in the separate (and future) post(s) on them, the Knights were just a bit of a teaser!

Until next time, happy modelling/painting/gaming - may your airbrush always be clean :-)

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