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Monday, 17 February 2014

Dystopian Legion Starter Set & Character Unboxing - Prussian Empire & Federated States of America

So having recently received the Prussian Empire and Federated States of America starter sets courtesy of Neil and Ben at Spartan Games, I thought it only fair to share a proper unboxing with you all.

To start with, each set comes in a nicely presented glossy card box showing a coloured rendition of one of the figures on the front, and a rear showing renders of all the miniatures contained within.

On opening the box you find it's very full!

All these goodies spread out;

So there are the minis (all nicely wrapped up in protective bubble-wrap bags), bases, accessories, dice (in three colours), cards, stat sheet, tokens and a mini-rulebook. That's a LOT for such a compact box! Now, what I was really interested in was the minis themselves. Here they are;

Great castings,and although there are various air escape and moulding spurs, none seem to interfere with any of the detail on the figures and they're easy to remove. I also had a character - Major Beauregard and his Clock-o-dile!

Really looking forward to putting that beast together!

The Prussian Empire set and character are of similar ilk in terms of box contents and quality;

The difference here is that you get two huge Teutonic Knight figures in resin;

Plus the Prussian infantry and officers, of course;

So after my usual light detergent wash and brush-up, I assembled the minis and put them in their bases for painting.

This led me to notice two things;

1) My Vierling specialist was slightly miscast at the back of his head and needed quite a bit of metal removing to remedy
2) Some of the arms on the metal minis are a B***H to get to stick together! Notably the FSA scouts (as you'll see when I get to painting them later!). Pinning such tiny model parts is not going to be easy either.

Still, overall the figures are extremely nice. A quick coat of white primer, and here they are;

Next up is painting, but I'll save that for another entry!

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