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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Another trip to Spartan Games...with Dystopian Legions

Hello everyone and welcome to February! I started off the month by a visit to Evercreech Junction to catch up with Neil and Ben at Spartan Games, as it had been a few months since (before Attack in Reading back in November). Of course, they've been ever-so-slightly busy with FSA v2.0, which they tell me actually overtook Dystopian Wars as their number one game with the new release! Tremendous news for an SF geek such as myself, and I'm really pleased that it's been so successful - it certainly deserves to be.

Whilst chewing the fat, I also got to see the new battle-cruiser models in resin form, all painted up on one of the Studio's gaming tables. These are VERY nice, and (as always), the renders don't do them justice (and Neil wanted to remind everyone that these are the play test minis, so paint jobs are quick ones - though I don't think he need's to worry, they've done a bang-on job!);

I took plenty of the Hasta as I know the controversy on the community about it, but it's actually much better looking than you might imagine from the renders. I rather like it.

The Marshal is an absolute beast!

The Cataphract is also a mean-looking ship - it looks like it's out searching for a fight!

I also got a sneak peek of some of the Planetfall stuff that will be coming out later on in the year, including the 10mm & 15mm infantry of the Terran Alliance and Dindrenzi Federation, but of even greater interest to me was one of the Relthoza walker battlesuits - oh they look sweet!

Unfortunately they're not ready for general exposure - they're only prototype/first casts, so I can't show them to you...sorry guys! Yes, I know that was cruel....but I couldn't resist...(!)

Neil was talking a lot about the upcoming Dystopian Legions releases, and even though I'm not a player I've always kept an eye on the releases and admired the renders. What I'd not really appreciated is the quality of the minis Spartan have made (though why wouldn't they, the other stuff they make has always been top-of-the-line?), and how extensive the range is now. Whilst I'm not a fan of steampunk at all as a genre, this is actually a rather nicely fleshed-out skirmish game.

Here are a set of Prussians, and as you can see, there's a lot of options here;

Infantry, walkers, tanks, flying guys, battle suits and a monstrous, towering robot!

Facing this monstrous set up were a few plucky Brits with a very "Rorke's Drift" spirit;

I was also really interested in the Covenant of Antartica models;

So, a couple of starter sets later and I'm visiting the world of DL for the first time. I'll be looking at unboxing posts soon of the Prussian Empire and Federated States of America starter sets, plus the Characters of Major Beauregard and his Clock-o-dile (which is a great name!) and the rather mad-looking Professor Gustardt (Who I'll probably look like after more model assembly and gaming!).

Give Dystopian Legions a look, people, it's a much more detailed and expansive game than I ever realised - there's probably a faction or two that will take your fancy.

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