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Monday, 25 January 2016

Halo UNSC Punic Class Supercarrier Unboxing

I mentioned last post that I love the look of the Halo Covenant ships...I'm not a great fan, however, of the UNSCs' aesthetic. Fortunately Oscar does, so we fall naturally into the two factions in Halo Fleet Battles. Now, as the Covenant have the Assault Carrier, the UNSC also have their own counter, the Punic class Supercarrier.

Like the Covenant box, this is a large full colour box with artwork on the front and the usual contents on the back, showing studio painted models.

Opening the end, the box is pretty full - once again this is the width of my dining room table!

As with the Assault carrier, I won't go through the standard plastic minis that are included with the Punic. Also as with the prior unboxing, you get a bunch of card two each of token sheets, stat card sheets and base overlays.

The other paperwork are the instructions for both the plastic minis and the resin ship. As these are more complex minis than the Covenant, these are very welcome

Now, bring on the Punic...!

That's quite a beast - it could pretty much double as a lightsaber, it's that big! The mini is much nicer than I expected, and both looks great with intricate detail and has a very imposing presence.

The lower hull has some great detail, and also features a drop-on piece that fits perfectly.

The upper hull is less interesting, but gives the impression of massive armour plating well.

The front of the ship is a separate piece, cast this way (I'm guessing) because of the fine detail on the front.

The rear of the ship then has the engines as separate assemblies, which feature nice detail across all faces. There are also a number of "gribbly bits", the location of which I'm uncertain of (because I've not read the instructions!) However, all are perfectly cast and show just how far Spartan has eveolved their resin casting over the past few years.

As with the prior massive model, it's supplied with a large resin and acrylic base.

That completes the set, and I have to say it impressed me, considering I wasn't a massive proponent of the UNSC look, this is still a great model. Kudos to Spartan for realising 343 and Microsoft's virtual visions as such nice real-life pieces.

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