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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Halo Covenant Assault Cruiser Unboxing

I must admit, I'm a big fan of the designs of the Covenant ships in Halo, ever since I saw first them on the original X-Box game. Inside and out, they are just cool. So when I saw the Covenant Assault Carrier at SG almost a year ago, I instantly fell in love. Now roll the clock forward and Halo is out on the streets, you can buy it in Argos and the releases are starting to ramp up for it, including this ship and the UNSC Punic class supercarrier (covered shortly in a separate post).

Now Halo releases don't follow Spartan's usual format, being in end-opening card boxes with a fairly distinctive look. This one is no different, and the box is about the size of a Patrol Fleet box in Firestorm or Core Helix in Planetfall, but a touch longer and deeper. It's full colour, and looks good - with artwork on the front and contents on the back.

Opening the end, the box is pretty full - this is the width of my dining room table!

Now I don't intend to go through the plastic minis - those were covered in the original Halo unboxing, instead I'll concentrate on the main attraction. Now that's not to say there aren't plenty of other relevant components here - you get three token sheets, two stat card sheets and three base overlay sheets, which is actually a substantial amount of card!

You also get construction instructions for both the plastic ships and the resin Assault Carrier

Now onto the resin beast!

Here she is in all her glory, just placed together...beautiful. Getting in closer to each component, however, really starts to show the craftsmanship in this model. Here is the under section for the prow, for instance.

This features really delicately engraved and cast detail - it really shows how far Spartan have come in casting quality since 2009. The main spine of the ship also demonstrates this in spades - as much care has been put into the underside sections of this model as the top, it's a real marvel.

Last is the rear/low hull, another single piece which shows incredible finesse with a very complex shape.

The only other part is an inch-long (ish) part that goes neatly into the front section of the rear lower hull

Which, as you can see, it does flawlessly.

The model is also supplied with a large resin and acrylic base - I'm not sure if these are one assembly or different bases you can choose from (as I haven't read any of the instructions!)

So there you have it - the Covenant Assault Carrier - it's simply gorgeous!

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