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Monday, 14 May 2012

Oscar's Aquans Expand...

So it was Oscar's birthday last Friday - last week involving a lot of preparations for that (as one of his presents was a small aquarium with a Malabar pufferfish - not that easy to hide!). On the FS:A side he received a Manta MkII battleship and his Medusa for his good school report, then earned his Mk II Barracudas and got a pair of Stingray Destroyers for his birthday. all in all quite a big boost for his Aquan force...expect to see a clash of them with my forces of evil soon.

Also on the FS:A side I wrote the rules for Firestorm: Marine! (downloadable link by clicking on that) - an alternative card-based way of determining boarding actions in Firestorm Armada, inspired by Captain Dan and Ravager from the Spartan Games Community. I also completed the update to the Excel-based version of Ravager's Orders Received! 1.20 scenery and battle generator. Finally, I've been doing a bit of coding for the Army Builder files with Chris of The Black Ocean, trying to get some of the more difficult bits to work properly (easier said than done)!

In real life, I've been hunting down a new job, and also a new place to live, as we were given notice on our house (as we rent at the moment). More unnecessary stress for the family we could all do without...but what can you do but roll with the punches?

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