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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The joys of holidays....

I know I've not been posting lately and that the latest episode of The Hub Systems is waaaaay overdue, but such is the joy of holidays. Oscar has a job working in a local bar during some of the holidays, he's been to Boardmasters festival and now we're in Brittany, France, chilling out by the coast (in a house literally about 100 yards from the beach).

Of course, I took some hobby stuff with me, so I've been painting Runewars riders, an Efreet and a couple of random D&D characters/NPCs to boot. I enjoy painting on holiday, because it's not considered to be wasting time during the day at the weekend (when I could be doing other thing like laying flooring or painting doors etc!), and it doesn't have to be constrained to the normal after-working hours in the week. It has an unhurried feeling about it that ironically makes it much more productive than if it were done under pressure.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know I've not disappeared, and am still keeping an eye on that Kickstarter (you know which one!). Especially important as when I'm back from holiday I'm straight off to Madrid for work, followed by Stockholm the following week....hopefully I'll manage to get some posts and maybe an Episode recorded soon....

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