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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Runewars Painting 1 - Rune Golem and Carrion Lancer

In a prior blog post I mentioned picking up Runewars at Salute 2017, and pledged not to play the game until I'd painted the minis. Inspired by Sorastro's painting guides ( &, I set about painting the two largest minis in the box.

The Rune Golem I painted pretty much exactly as the guide, just to adapt my painting style and learn from Sorastro's technique. I'd highly recommend his videos, they're very east to follow and produce great results. Here the work in progress:

Here is the finished Rune Golem - Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result:

The Carrion Lancer is a bit more involved - I also wanted to adapt some of the colours from Sorastro's work, since I wanted a cooler palette for my army, using steel and purple as the main colours, and I wanted the maw and boils to be more "realistic" - or perhaps "organic" - than the bright green used in Sorastro's work. In any case, I started exactly as per his guide;

Here you can see I was using a blue for the cloth, which I decided to change to purple as I wanted to adapt the blue for my humans - I thought it would tie them in with the Rune Golem well and I didn't really want too much of a Spartan theme for my army as Sorastro had.

So here you can see the subtle blue-green on the carapace, the washes and initial highlights, plus the colour change from the nice bright blue to a more dark, sinister undead purple. I also based the maw and rear (rectum?) in a flesh washed with red. Next was to build up the highlights across the model:

Here most of the highlights are done, with just a few to go on the lance, reigns etc. I also have the base to do, the varnish on the carapace and maw and a few other bits and bobs. They didn't take long to do, just quite a bit of time between steps (for the base to dry etc). Here's the finished Carrion Lancer:

I really enjoyed painting these models - they take paint very well, they have great detail and  are very striking models to put down on the table. I'm looking forward to the challenge of the rest of the box now!

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