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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Wild West Exodus 2-player set unboxing

So back in September, after hearing good things several times on Jaded Gamercast about Wild West Exodus, I found myself in the possession of some excess funds (from selling a bunch of 40k stuff) which I decided to grab the 2-player starter set of WWE. Unfortunately it turned out there was some problem and it never arrived, as regular readers/listeners will know we moved and then, out of the blue, it arrived whilst Oscar and I were at Reading Warfare.

So, here's the box - the two-player set is using the age-old outlaws and lawmen matchup that I'm sure many of us played as kids;

The front of the box has some nice comic-style artwork whilst the rear of the box sports the contents;

Now this set cost £64, and you get 28 figures, so on models alone the set works out at around £2.30 each, which isn't bad. Moving onto the contents, the box is end-opening and contains the rulebook, construction guides for the models, stat cards and a bubble-wrap pack which has the templates and tokens in;

Looking into the bubble wrap more closely....

Here you can see three clear plastic templates, four silver and bronze coloured 10-sided dice and a sprue with the tokens in gold-bronze plastic. The templates are pretty thick and sturdy, seems like they'll last a long time and they have a real quality feel to them.

Now onto the minis - you get three main sprues plus two small ones (each with a single special support character)

Having a closer look here, these are very nicely sculpted and cast figures, and I can see why JG were keen on them.

Now I know pretty much nothing more about the game, so it will have to wait until a future post to talk in any way about that, but my original impression is pretty positive. Next I'll be building the minis and coming back to this when that's this space!

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