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Monday, 19 October 2015

The Hub Systems Episode 4 - Strange Aeons & Cthulhu Wars

Well it's quite a picture-heavy post today, first up are some of the minis we've painted for Strange Aeons v2. First up is a Werewolf I put up on Facebook a week or so back;

I also starter this skeleton dude who I've played as an Ancient Warrior...basework done, all the shading and detail to go!

Next is Oscars newest Threshold agent...he's not done a bad job at all!

Plus his rather flamboyant character....

For me next is the Shapeless Thing...though this was actually the last thing I painted...first up meeting Oscar's new Agent!

And then I've a large worm where I wanted to illustrate how easy it is to create a decent looking mini for SAv2. Here's a reaper worm that cost less than £2, primed in auto primer;

Next a basecoat - normally I'd spray this but as the weather has been crappy and it doesn't really make a difference, I brushed this one;

Then it's a coat of Army Painter Strong Tone;

And then drybrushing;

A drybrush around the mouth with pink, then red for the inside and detail painting the teeth...took about 20 minutes excluding the drying time for the Strong Tone.

The we come to the nerdfest that is Cthulhu Wars...

Note the HUGE box...6.3kg (14lbs)! You can see my Threshold character dwarfed by it...

You get lots inside, but I'll lay examples out here in the order we did the unboxing in;

The Great Old Ones...(and some Dark Young!)

Cthulhu...."Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

Nyarlathotep - love this guy...damned if I can say his name though!


Dark's behind you!


Night Gaunt

 The King in Yellow....Have you seen the Yellow Sign?

Hunting Horror

Flying Polyp

Fungi from Yuggoth (but suspiciously like a Mi-Go to us!) 



Star Spawn



Ghoul (not a Ghast as we thought on the podcast!)

Deep One

Some little marker things!

I'll put another post up with more pictures

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