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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Aquan Leviathan Planetfall Unboxing

Once again, in the second instalment, here are the three Leviathans, each following the familiar format of box with glossy sleeve;

Now let's look at the Aquan in detail as promised - the reverse features a picture of the lovely studio painted model, plus the usual small intro fluff piece;

Opening the box;

And getting it all out;

The Aquan base is unique (the others being generic), as it has the "feet" moulded directly onto it - a good idea, since I can't imagine assembly would be easy it they were not fixed!

The leviathan itself comes as four main pieces (plus the base and accessories) - the single-piece body and three legs. The single piece body is finely detailed, and I'm continually impressed with hoe Spartan have continually improved their mould-making to create crisp detail, sharp edges and undercuts for these single-piece castings.

The legs are long and substantial, but still convey a feeling of grace to the model - very appropriate for the Aquans;

The remaining resin pieces for this model are the two lasers and two gribble tentacle bits. I like the overall feeling of the organic/cybernetic nature of this model, it feels very alien.

Once again you get a bunch of lights with the leviathan (I think the only exception is the Directorate flying death ring of doom!);

For those who are unfamiliar with these, they are lovely little models, supplied with bases to give them the impression of hovering over the terrain.

This is a really nice model - it makes me envious that Oscar has it and I don't - I look forward to seeing it built up and then trying to take it down on the battlefield (which I don't think will be easy!).

Next up, the Sorylian Dinosaur!

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