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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Return of the Overseers at Spartan Games

Oscar and I visited Neil and co. over at HQ today, having a look at the new Planetfall Heavy Helix models (which look great!) and also at the newly painted studio models for The Return of the Overseers 2-player boxed set which is released in January. We played the first game ever with them, and rather than spoil the fun of what's in the Scenario Booklet (which is very cool!), we just played a straight game on a 4x4 board with base models, no upgrades. To find out what happened, you'll need to come back tomorrow, but for the time being I thought I'd put up some nice photos of the painted ships, which are super-sexy!

First up is the complete RotO set line-up - it's a lot of stuff!

For a closer look, here is the Directorate fleet, looking smart in hex grey:

At it's core, the Anarchist in all its evil glory:

The subtly named Annihilation Gunships. I was a little on the fence with them on the renders - where they looked good but didn't "blow me away" reality, they are beautiful - really nice and they've convinced me completely.

One of my personal favourites, the Turmoil R&D cruisers with their compressor beam weapons:

On the other (wrong) side of the conflict, we have the Aquans:

Leading them, the huge but graceful Oannes, flanked by two Sulis Heavy Cruisers:

The Shiva Gunships by themselves - they proved incredibly dangerous in the game, even after taking a ton of damage...Zenian players beware, these should definitely be a target priority!

Of course the centre of all this fuss is the Overseers ancient Dimensional gate, awakened above the skies of Proteus:

Here's a closer look at the Anathema's a lovely model isn't it? Well, in the Firestorm universe it's a nasty little thing....Beware!

So hopefully that gives you a better view of the models in the upcoming Return of the Overseers 2-player starter set from Spartan Games, come again soon to see the ships in action!

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