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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Sneak Peak of Return of the Overseers ships....

I spent Saturday with Neil at the SG office for a long overdue catch up about all things Firestorm (plus Planetfall and a few other bits and pieces!). One of the things we had a look over were some of the new ships in resin for the Return of the Overseers 2-player box that will be out in the New Year. He was quite happy for me to give all you FA fans out there a sneak preview of some of the first castings...

So first up we have the Oannes, the new Aquan Heavy Carrier. After working on the stats for this for the last 6 months or so, and having seen the renders for almost that time too, the Oannes surprised me with its sheer size - it's a monster! Here it is with a Maelstrom Battleship.

And the underside;

You can't see it well here, but the underside is scalloped in, making the Oannes look very sleek and fast.

 Overall, she's probably one of my favourite Aquan ships ever.

Another of the new Aquan ships is the Sulis, a rather different Heavy Cruiser from the previous stock. The Sulis utilises the standard cruiser body, but the add-on dwarfs and shields that;

Here you can see the large redirection crystal:

Of course, on the other side we have the Directorate, and we have an impressively large slab of resin in the form of the Anarchist Battleship:

This doesn't have its cyberwarfare turret, but you get the idea.

Underneath she has dedicated broadsides

Whereas up-front she has multiple bay doors for SRS...

I'm quite excited to field this one!

I also spotted a few other ships awaiting release....any RSN fans? Starting with the humble (but deadly) escort, the Siren - this got a bit of a makeover in the transition to 100% resin - definately an improvement.

The other small is of course the frigate:

The Destroyer is also very close to the older casting, but completely resin;

Last ship I have to show today is the Heavy Cruiser

Well, that's it for now, hope you enjoyed that sneak peek of upcoming resin for 2015!

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