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Monday, 14 April 2014

Salute 2014

This was mine and Oscar's first trip to Salute, this year at ExCel in London. After an early start, a train to Paddington and various tubes plus the DLR, we arrived just after opening at 10am. Once in, we headed to The Troll Trader stand to meet up with Ben from Spartan and Neil P (DW player and demonstrator). We were plunged straight into it, getting into the fray and chatting to people about Firestorm right from the off.

A couple of hours later and we got a chance to grab a sandwich and have a look about. Oscar wanted to see the Hawk Wargames stand and the new Dropzone Commander stuff. It was a pretty impressive stand, having a massive starship complete with many, many DZC dropships ready to launch - it was really good, and a definite crowd-puller. The DZC games being shown were a bit lacklustre by comparison, being simple Scourge/UCM 2-player battles, which was disappointing for us both, as we wanted to see Shaltari and PHR forces in action.

Still, we took pictures of all their shiny toys, which are very nice but small and quote expensive for what you I'm wondering whether we just wait for Spartan's Planetfall models. In fact, I'm not wondering - that's exactly what we'll be doing!

Anyway, the Troll Trader had a lot of offers on at Salute, one of which was the boxed 2-player set of Deadzone by Mantic Games. This was on offer at the show for £45, which seemed a pretty good deal. I also picked up a 6x4 green gaming mat, a couple of ships suitable for future Planetfall terrain or objectives (or something), an Aquan battlecruiser set for Oscar and some 20mm bases for my 1/300th scale WWII army infantry from about 20 years ago! I also got a surprise gift that I can't talk about, but it made the journey home pass nicely :-)

Already started on the Deadzone unboxing, so will see you soon for that!

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