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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Battle Station Construction Part 2 - Relthoza

So I've not been idle the past few days in an FSA way (as well as finishing Christmas shopping, watching crap TV with the kids and eating too much of the wrong sort of stuff), principally in getting the most complex of the battle stations put together - the Relthoza Weaver class. Now because this is a three-layered structure, it'd be pretty difficult to paint some parts of it when complete, so the first job was to get the parts painted to a level where it being in one piece wouldn't hinder completion.

Parts ready, I looked at the best way to put the station together. Now I'd had much head scratching initially on how this beast is made, but after figuring it out it's not actually as difficult as you might think. Essentially the acrylic struts need to go onto the structure first;

However, doing this would have made the other side difficult, so the easier way was to attach the struts to the side pods, like so;

The whole assembly could then be added to the main body thus;

Which just left a repeat for the other side;

Following by adding this to the main body.

All of this was done simply with superglue. When dry, the bottom piece then goes on, locking the other elements solidly together.

The station is then complete, ready to defend Relthoza installations across their territory.

Of course, I need to complete the painting, but she's 85% of the way there, and still suitable for gaming purposes if I don't quite find the time to finish off those last touches before my next game!

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